When I got on the bus that would take my mom and me back to the airport, I cried for a really, really long time. Not just because I had to leave Disney World, but because of the knowledge that I knew I wouldn’t be coming back like I had hoped to. I cried for that, but mostly, I cried for the pure, inexplicable, perfectly wonderful happiness that I felt in literally only a little over than an hour with these friends. I cried for that because I had written a poem a long time ago on my blog, about wanting to go to Magic Kingdom in between sets with wonderful friends, and there I was, doing almost that, minus the working, but doing what I  had dreamed about. And it was so simple but so wonderful because I think we all were comfortable in the fact that we loved where we were, doing what we were doing, somewhere we loved so much, with people we were so, effortlessly happy with. I cried for that not only because I wouldn’t have it again soon, but because of how perfect it was. I miss it very much. And will, until it’s back. I miss having a park to skip in and a castle to see and beautiful friends to laugh with. And I miss them very, very, much; all that they are,  and all the magic they create.

<3 I cherish them very much. <3 Always, always.

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